Monday, June 16, 2014

Finally! The prepaid load winners...

I would like to thank all who participated to my prepaid load giveaway and those who have been waiting for this late announcement for I did encounter technical problem and reported it immediately to rafflecopter team. Thankfully, they were able to resolve it.

Going back, each below have won respective prepaid loads. As stated in the rules, winners only have 48 hours to acknowledge this notice or another winner(s) will be redrawn.

Without further ado, here are the load winners:

Third prize: 50 pesos worth of load
Winner: Rhea Liza Muñoz

Second prize: 100 pesos worth of load
Winner: Liberty Floro

First Prize: 200 pesos load
Winner: Joy Merced

Once again, congratulations and thank you for joining and supporting my giveaway.

xoxo :)